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Mentality the Redefiner


Mentality the Redefiner is a Hip Hop artist hailing from Chicago. At just 8 years old, he made up his mind about becoming a successful rapper after acquiring the Ludacris album: "Word of Mouf".  He became obsessed with rapping along to the fast flows and melodies.  Many battles on the school bus occurred when hopeful challengers tried to dethrone the king.  None were successful.  After listening to his first Eminem CD, his mind was officially made up.  He wanted to share the spotlight with the greats that came before him.  However, he was not MTR quite yet, he was “KJ”, the young dreamer.  After writing a 12 track album (which he still has the original lyrics to) and even getting business cards made, the unrealistic goal began to drift away.  Fast forward to 2011, sophomore year of high school, the dream is alive again. Realizing he had a serious passion for music, along with a constant urge to create, KJ bought his first microphone. 


Using his parent’s closet space as a studio and recording on a beginner’s version of Pro Tools, KJ began creating.  It was not long until he composed a real body of work, and released the first album for his high school peers to listen to.  The feedback was horrid.  The hate began busting through the door at incredible speeds.  How could someone with your skin tone in the suburbs possibly make listenable rap music?  The question bit young KJ and sank its teeth in.  Growing up on Eminem, Kanye, Jay Z, and Lil Wayne, KJ learned resilience through their music and kept writing.  His passion to become a respected artist was not easily diffused.  The urge to create greatly surpassed any naysayers talking down.  He kept his head down on his own path and worked for the respect he desired.  KJ soon became Mentality and Mentality soon became The Redefiner.


Now in 2018, evolving to MTR from KJ was just part of his growing process.  The 24 year old has two national tours under his belt, 25,000+ monthly listeners on Spotify, and respected content across the internet.  Today, as a solo artist, Mentality the Redefiner uses his music to change the way Hip-Hop is created and heard.  As he redefines the genres and combines his unique sound with real-life scenarios, MTR has been able to reach listeners across the globe.  He believes anyone can find comfort in his words, knowing someone else is going through similar struggles. With a rapidly growing fan base, Mentality has goals to climb the Billboard Charts, sellout nationwide tours, and spread attention to his clothing brand. Suddenly, the 8 year old dream is beginning to come full circle. 



Directed by Ben Rifken


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